Space to Create or Creative Space?

Just like everything else in life, the space that I create in, it tends to change. Since starting YouTube Videos, my space has been in an old farm bunkhouse, the corner of my bedroom, the backyard, in one suitcase, small studio apartment, and so on. With the ups and downs of life, and frequent moves, I have found that my creative space can really be anywhere, and so can yours. That is part of the beauty of being creative by nature, you always have it with you. It is more a state of being, than actual environment.

For the purpose of making videos, creativity and creative space has a new twist. Sometimes it requires quickly cleaning the table that the camera is focused on (as we all know it is not easy to keep our creative areas clutter free), or trying to time filming (as not to pick up family or roommates talking, walking by, or even eating in the background). There is a funny list of challenges that go along with making YouTube videos.  There is also the challenge in small places of even filming at all. It requires a large tripod, lights, etc., and often the behind the scenes looks like a comic routine. In the past I could be found stacking all my belongings on my bed (behind the camera), so that the room being filmed looks bigger and less like my 10’x10’ studio apartment. Currently I am very blessed, and feel very spoiled, when I say that I actually have a room for my projects, creating, and videos.  I have never had so much space. I like to think that my current creative space is a combination of vintage, midcentury modern, rustic, and with a functional and relaxing feel (a quick tour is available in video below).

Wherever your creative space is, I hope you will not be hindered by its limitations, but rather encouraged to look at it with new eyes, and motivated to simply start creating. Whether you have no dedicated area at all, or have a huge craft room but it needs to be cleaned, or your schedule is too busy to step foot inside the door.  There are always things that will try to hold our creativity back, the mundane and stress inducing moments are real life. But so is the creative spirit's need to create. It is worth our carving out the time, and our embracing the space we are in.