Picots (p) in Needle Tatting

Picot, is the space that is left between double stitches, to form a loop. It is helpful to remember that a ds (double stitch) is always counted as a stitch, even when it appears to be part of a picot.

How to make a Picot (p):

  1. Making your first double stitch (ds)

  2. After your stitch in complete, place your index finger at the end of the stitch against the needle, to form a spacer on the needle. I like to leave a space of roughly 1/2 inch with my finger to make a standard picot.

  3. Next, with finger still as a spacer, make your next double stitch (ds) on the other side of your finger.

  4. Once it is complete remove your finger, and slide the last double stitch made over to the previous double stitch. This will form the picot thread loop.

    Video Tutorial: