Rudiments of RustiKate.com

RustiKate is pretty much just me, and my name is Katy.
Formerly a magazine stylist, seamstress, how-to expert, tatting instructor, model, and photographer for MaryJane Butters’ publications (such as “MaryJane’s Farm” magazine, “MaryJane’s Stitching Room”, etc.). These days, I find myself an author, photographer, and freelance, freestyle, artistic spirit. Forever and for always, no matter how life twists and turns, I have a passion to create, teach, and share. 

Having grown up in the country, in rather a modern pioneer fashion, I freely wandered meadows and forests in pursuit of wildflowers and butterflies (as shared in my book Not Every Girl). From such a start, imagination, creativity, and appreciation of the simple, comes natural to me. To this day I marvel at the simplistic complexities, the beauty and textures, of handmade, eco chic, vintage, recycled, refurbished, repurposed, restored, and the rustic. And I see great worth in the unwanted, cast off, and broken. There is much value in creating and recreating, adding little bits of beauty and joy to the world. Through RustiKate, I hope in some small way to encourage, inspire, and motivate you, by what I create and share; that you in turn, can, in your own special way, do the same for others. 

Katy's Instructor Badge from the 2008
American Quilter's Society Convention